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Mekanika Uru

Mekanika Uru

Mekanika Uru
TypeSubmachine gun
Place of origin Brazil
Service history
Used byBrazil [ 1 ]
Production history
ManufacturerMekanika Industria e Commercio Ltd
Weight3 kg
Length671 mm
Barrel length175 mm
Cartridge9x19mm Parabellum, .38 ACP
ActionBlowback-operated, Open bolt
Rate of fire750 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity390 m/s
Feed system30 round detachable box magazine

The Uru is a submachine gun made by the production firm Mekanika in 1977 for the Brazilian Army and Police Forces. License for weapons in 1988, bought the branch of FAU, which modernized the tommy-gun in model 2. SACO Defense of the US manufactured the Uru as the Model 683 for countries without an industrial basis but were sued for copyright violations.

The overall weapon has a cylindrical body. It made the front of the air vents for cooling trunk. A tubular casing in a shop, serving also as the front handle, trigger and pistol grip. There is also a safety/selector switch, which can be translated into two points: first – for self-shooting, second – for the automatic. The barrel may be fitted with a silencer. There are several versions of weapons: pistol-machine gun under the bullet and the 38 ACP rifle with a wooden butt th of 9 mm bullets parabellum and the 38 ACP [ 2 ] .

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