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9 x 22 R Nagant cartridge info

9 x 22 R Nagant cartridge info



I am looking for information (measurements ) for this cartridge or where I can acquire a cartridge . Very Rare bird !

9 mm X 22R Nagant


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9 mm x 22 r

Thanks for your info . The Nagant revolver was made in 1878 . Here is info from a Russian website . . 9 mm Nagant / 9.2×22 R Nagant Belga / 9.4×22 / 9.6×22 Bachmann – 9 – 10 ?? – . – . – . . . ? . (. . . . ? . )

There is a pic and diagram but not the measurements I need . It is a very rare cartridge . Hoping to luck out and find someone who loads for this gun and this cartridge .

Cartridge 9 mm Nagant / 9.2×22 R Nagant Belga / 9.4×22 / 9.6×22 Bachmann

Ammunition »Ammunition» 9 – 10 mm

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9 mm Nagant

Cartridge 9 mm Nagant known with the notation:
9.2×22 R Nagant Belga / 9 mm Belgian Nagant M. 1878/9 Bachman / 9 mm Belgische Nagant Offiziers Revolver 1878 / 9.4×22 / 9 mm Galand Revolver / 9 mm Modèle 1878 / 9.6×22 Bachmann / SAA 5085 / GR 245 / GR 245 A / XCR 09 023 005 CBC.
9 mm Nagant

Cartridge 9 mm Nagant was developed in the 1870s and was used primarily in the production of short arms of the Belgian company «Fabrique d’Armes Emile et Leon Nagant» (arms factory Emil and Leon Nagant), which is reflected in the title of the munition.

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The first round was used in the gun brothers Nagant Nagant M 1877 and the revolver Nagant M 1878.

Cartridge 9 mm Nagant consisted of a sleeve, a cap of the central battlefield, charge and bullets.
9 mm Nagant

Extruded brass sleeve was slightly tapered and fitted out in black (smoky) powder weighing 1 oz.

A bullet weighing 12 grams – ogive-cylinder stamped out of the lead in the paper wrapper. Outside Bullet Wrapped osalena to reduce friction bullet in the barrel during firing. When fired, the bullet, shrinking in length, increasing the caliber and fills the rifling. The paper wrapper protects the rifling of zasvintsovyvaniya isolates metal bullets and shells, and moreover does not allow cutting at the pool longitudinal track fields during the passage of the bullet trunk channel. After the departure of the paper falls off the barrel from the bullet air pressure during rotation of the bullet.

When shooting with handguns Nagano bullet velocity was 200 m / s.

After the production of smokeless powder ammunition by the end of the XIX century it was reduced to a minimum, although some samples of weapons under the cartridge 9 mm Nagant were armed and even at the beginning of the XX century.
revolver Nagant M 1878

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